Race Courses

Updated: 22 July 2019

NOTE: Any modifications to these courses will be made during the Radio Net on the
morning of each race.
Race 1 – Sunday, 21st July Portland Fore Points to The Basin. Distance is 15.4nm
Start at R2 west of Outer Green Island. Leave mark to port.
Leave G”1EC” to port
Leave R”2Q” to port at Lumbo Ledge
Finish at N2 just west of Mark Island. Leave mark to starboard.
Race 2 – The Basin to Booth Bay Harbor. Distance is 13.8nm
Start at R2BH Bell southwest of Cape Small. Leave mark to port. [43º 41.8 N; 69º 51.3W]
Leave R”20ML” QR Bell to port [43º 41..4N; 69º 45.3W]
Leave G”1C” Bell to port off Cape Newagen; [43º 46.3N; 69º 38.8W]
Finish at R”4” northwest of Squirrel Island. Leave mark to starboard; [43º 49.0N; 69º 38.3W]
Race 3 – Booth Bay Harbor to Pemaquid Point. Distance is 12.5nm
Start at R”4”. Leave mark to port.
Leave R2BR Bell to port at Bantam Rock
Leave Pumpkin Island to port.
Leave C”1” to port at Outer Heron Island Ledge
Finish at GR C”PL” southwest of Pemaquid Point. Leave mark to starboard.
Race 4 – Pemaquid Point to Tenants Harbor. Distance is 18.6nm
Start at GR C”PL” at Pemaquid Ledge. Leave mark to port.
Leave R”2 OM” Whistle to port south of Allen Island
Leave R”2” OC Bell to port
Finish at G”1” Bell at entrance to Tenants Harbor. Leave mark to port.
Race 5 – Tenants Harbor to Vinyl Haven. Distance is 15.6nm
Start at “G1” Bell. Leave mark to starboard.
Leave G”5TB” Bell to port southwest of Two Bush Island
Leave C”7” to port
Finish at R26 Gong south of Stand-in Point. Leave mark to port.