Race Instructions

Updated: 19 July 2019

1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing
2017-2020 as published by US Sailing. The Race Committee may change any rule that
is contrary to the spirit of the event.
1.2 The Corinthians current PHRF handicaps shall apply.
1.3 Any changes to the sailing instructions will be announced prior to the 10 minute
starting window on VHF channel 74.

2.1 One race will be held on the designated racing day.


3.1 Please see the attachment for Course Details that show the courses, course marks
in order, and the rounding direction of each mark.
3.2 Should the Race Committee decide to move the start to another mark, it will
announce the change on the radio.
3.3 The Race Committee will announce any course shortening as soon as practical
during the race and will attempt to do so prior to the first boat rounding the last mark
of the course before the finish line. The course change will be announced by one long
blast of a horn and will be announced on the designated VHF Channel.
3.4 The Race Committee can abandon the race at its discretion.
3.5 All marks will be government buoys unless otherwise specified in the racing
3.6 All government marks marking obstructions must be obeyed.
3.7 The Race Committee boat may also be a participant in the race and would be the
last boat to start just after the 10 minute window.


4.1 The starting line shall be at the buoy designated as the starting mark as specified
in the Course Details. All racers shall record their own time at the start using GPS time
within the designated 10 minute starting window.
4.2 The Race Committee will attempt to start the starting window as announced in
that day’s morning announcements in the vicinity of the starting buoy. A horn blown
twice will announce that the Race Committee boat is on station. A series of six short
horn blasts will indicate the start of the 10 minute window. All racers must start
within the 10 minute window except for the Race Committee boat if they are racing.

5.1 The finish line shall be at the buoy designated as the finishing buoy in the Course
Details. The Race Committee boat will not be stationed at the finish line.
5.2 Each boat shall record its time of finish as determined by GPS time. This time will
be taken when the boat is at a 90 degree angle to a straight line to the last leg of the
course from the main mast and within 100 feet of the finishing mark. After finishing
please report the finish time by text message to Rick Nietsch at 203-856-4389 in this
format: Boat name/Sail Number/Race number/Start time/Finish time (using 24 hour
clock). For example: Saucy Sal/4044/100653/140237. If possible, the boat shall report
the names or numbers of surrounding boats finishing before and/or after her. If
texting is not possible a report shall be made to the Race Committee by radio before
1700 hours that day.

6.1 Any boat in their class that finishes before 1630 hours shall constitute a race for
that class for that day.


7.1 A boat intending to protest shall immediately hail the offending boat and
promptly display a red protest flag on the backstay at the time of the offense to
provide the offender the opportunity to make a 360 degree turn as prescribed in the
racing rules. A boat making or accepting a racing penalty must inform the Race
Committee at the finish line or as soon as possible if the Race Committee is not at the
finish line.
7.2 A scoring penalty of 5% of the boat’s elapsed time in each race will apply when
the Race Committee determines that a boat has broken a racing rule and has not been
exonerated by making a penalty circle.

8.1 Protest forms will be available from the Race Committee and shall be delivered by
1900 hours on the day of the race.
8.2 Protest hearings will be held as soon as possible after the protest has been filed
and all parties have reached the evening’s cruise destination. A competitor who is
not involved in the protest or witness to it may serve on the protest committee.


9.1 All boats much have a PHRF rating as accepted by The Corinthian Measurer.
9.2 The Low Point Scoring System will be used. There will be no discards. Ties will be
determined by the procedure described in The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 as
published by US Sailing.
9.3 A boat that starts but does not finish within the time limit or retires to reach the
cruise destination will be scored one more point than the last finisher in her Class.
9.4 PHRF time-on-distance scoring will be used.


10.1 Each skipper is entirely responsible for the safety of his or her crew. It is strongly
suggested that life jackets be worn during inclement weather.
10.2 A racing boat shall check in by radio or by hailing the Race Committee as she sails
by their stern at the start of the race. A boat retiring from a race shall notify the Race
Committee by radio on the designated fleet channel or by cell phone to the Race Chair
as soon as possible.


11.1 The Race Committee will monitor and use VHF channel 74 for communication to
competitors. Any changes to the Race Instructions such as courses, start times and
time limits will be announced prior to each race.
11.2 Weather information from radio, public web sites, or private cell phones may be
used while racing.


12.1 The race results will be announced either at the evening festivities or soon

13.1 Sailing is an activity that has an inherent risk of damage and injury. Competitors
participate in the race entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race.
The race organizers (organizing authority, race committee, protest committee, host
club, sponsors, or any other organization or official) will not be responsible for
damage to any boat or other property or the injury to any competitor, including
death, sustained as a result of participation in this event. By participating in this
event, each competitor agrees to release the race organizers from any and all liability
associated with such competitor’s participation in this event to the fullest extent
permitted by law.
All competitors shall maintain adequate insurance coverage.


14.1 Each participant shall hold a valid insurance certificate showing proof of third-
party liability coverage of at least $300,000 (or equivalent) per incident.