Cruise Communications


  • Corinthian Skippers are strongly encouraged to monitor VHF Ch 16 at all times — very important in crowded waters.

VHF Channel for Cruise Communications:
  • VHF Channel 69 will be the primary channel for Cruise Communications
  • Tune in for Morning Briefings

VHF Communications — Useful Hints for the Cruise:
  • A useful strategy when a group (gaggle? pod?) of boats are cruising together is to select a little-used VHF channel to monitor for inter-vessel communications.
  • This has the benefit of keeping Ch 16 clear and communications faster because no hailing is necessary
  • Potential channels for use are: 69, 71, 73, 74, 77, 78A, 79A, 80, 81,82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88
  • So set your VHF to dual mode to monitor VHF16 and the selected secondary channel. OR mark 16 and the secondary channel to be scanned.
  • For short range communications, it is better to use a handheld VHF with its more limited range (antenna height).
  • As local lobstermen appropriate these channels and are very proprietary about "yachties" using them, the VHF channel for Cruise use will be updated as necessary.

VHF Chanel for Corinthian Cruise Races:
  • The Race Committee will monitor VHF Channel 74

VHF Channel for Marine Resources:
  • [To be updated]

Communications with Cruise Website & Official Unofficial Webmaster
  • Email:
  • Text: 410-990-0060 [Use to send standard text (SMS) messages regarding Cruise activities. This is SV Onward's boat cell phone.]
  • Note: these emails and messages are monitored by Joe on SV Onward - so blame him…

US Coast Guard
• [To be updated]

Updated: 16 July 2019