About this Website…

Updated: 19 April 2019

This is the official-unofficial website forThe Corinthians 2019 Maine Cruise: Maine .

It is acknowledged by and coordinated with but not sponsored by The Corinthians.

The website is provided by SV Onward whose Captain, Joe Rocchio, is the Official Unofficial Webmaster (OUW) and FUGAMA.

The URL for this website: www.corinthianscruise.org

Any nice thought you have should be reflected to your fellow Corinthians who are Cruise Poobahs.

Any complaints and darker thoughts may be expressed to me at: cruise@corinthianscruise.org
— Better still, bring over a bottle of scotch in your tender and we'll talkaboudit

Note: Suggestions to extend & improve the website are appreciated.



Joe Rocchio